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In a few weeks I will be going to Berlin to be a cameraman for Cultural Video Foundation (CVF) who are making a documentary in association with Urban Mirror about public art spaces in Berlin with Kenyan hiphop group Ukooflani (stars of the previous Maskaniflani documentary made by CVF) , Upendo Hero, an artist and cultural activist (that’s him in the picture with the heart shaped head), German musicians The Teichmann Brothers and other artists and musicians from Berlin.

(Lavosti from Ukooflani and his amazing voice and hand trumpet were featured in a video post here on the blog earlier in the year)

I am very excited to be part of this amazing project with so many talented people, which you can read more about over on the Twende Berlin blog.

I am also honored to be an official member (As the Japan team) of the international award-winning Cultural Video Foundation team:-

Based in Nairobi – Kenya, CVF  is a media production and  international non-governmental organization operating in three main production sectors: social documentaries, tv & news and art & music.
They have produced over 50 documentaries and corporate films and won numerous international awards for their work.

If you are reading this in Berlin and will be around from the 17th November to December 2nd drop me a line and maybe we can share a delicious German Beer!

CVF is looking for distributors or independent cinemas here in Japan and across the world who would be interested in showing the finished documentary or in sponsoring the project so if you know of anyone or are interested yourself please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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