Uchujin, Falsalama and His Holiness the Dali Lama

Uchujin, Falsalama and His Hoiliness the Dali Lama ©Claire Pullinger

Nothing like a good name drop, especially if it’s someone revered by millions of people world wide as a living god.
I recently came across this picture thanks to my dearest friend Falsalama (see my portrait of him HERE).
The original photo was taken by Claire Pullinger and this must have been taken in 1999, when Falsalama and I were soundmen for His Holiness in Bodh Gaya, India for his teachings over the millenium.

That’s Falsalama and me in the bottom left hand corner, looking tired and much much younger than we do today.

Wish I had a better copy of this photo, this was scanned from a calender that Claire Pullingers photo was used in, apparently.

Anyway, whatever, it’s a good excuse for a blog post and it’s visual proof that I sometimes need for when I’m drunk and start telling stories that start with “when I worked for the Dali Lama…..”

Om mani padme hung

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