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USA 2014 – Wot? no photos of LA?

I took an embarrassingly small number of photo’s in LA. I blame Patrick Ecclesine the amazing photographer and super humanly nice guy who I was staying with for driving me around in his Camaro convertible and making everything so much fun that I didn’t want to take pictures.
His drop dead gorgeous girlfriend and lovely human being Donna Feldman must also take some of the blame as must Sean Bonner for making me all star struck by introducing me to Shepard Fairey.
Rochelle Vincente, incredible singer, muse & my band mate from back in the day in Brighton, UK shoulders some of the blame too. Her Lover Raw Chocolate and infectious positivity also kept my camera in it’s bag.
Seriously, not one photo of the “Hollywood” sign? or of the Walk of Fame? WTF was I doing?

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