New Camera!!! – Sony A7SII

I finally pulled the plug and upgraded my trustworthy old Canon 5DmkII for a shiny new Sony A7SII.

But not before a bit of a struggle – Tried to buy one in Tokyo but in Japan you can only get the Japanese menus version, which is not changeable to any other language. You literally can’t buy the English version here. WTF? So order from Amazon US to my friend in LA who then brings it over when he comes to visit. What a fucking pain in the ass. Come on Sony this is ridiculous! Canon et al can sell me a switchable language camera in Japan why can’t you?

If the camera wasn’t head and shoulders above everything else (ahem Samsung NX1) in that form factor I would have just bought something else, but…
4K video internally, 120fps slo-mo, in body stabilisation, more retro lenses than you can shake a stick at and that legendary low light performance. WOW.

Good excuse to use these old Pentax k-mount lenses I have lying around too, which are proving to be very nice – especially the 50mm 1.7 – long focus throw and hard stops :)

Having a lot of fun running around shooting random shit. Expect some new videos with me trying out what it can do soon.

For now I’ll leave you with this selfie taken with the Tefnon 80-200 – straight out of camera with a tiny tweak in Adobe Camera Raw (apologies for the dirty glasses:)

Self portrait Sony A7SII with Tefnon 80-200 ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey

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