Something about absence and the heart’s fondness

Or, My feet have become unbearably itchy…….

Haven’t really been able to update the blog this month as I have been working like a crazy person and preparing for my trip to Kenya and Tanzania on which I am leaving next week.

That means another month where updates will be almost non-existent as I’m unsure of how much internet access I’ll have outside the main cities.
Hopefully what it does mean is that come the beginning of May there will be plenty of new photographs and stories to blog about from The Dark Continent.

Several other friends are also leaving Japan or have already left which has prompted a certain sadness which I’m hoping my own wandering will go some way to alleviating:-

Mr Manny Santiago “will walk for sex” i.e. he is travelling overland from Japan to the U.S. and is open to donations to help him along his way. He will be sorely missed by those of us that remain here.

And, Mr Jim O’Connell is also returning to the land of the free, though not overland.His departure too is causing some consternation.

The departure of these two close friends will leave a gaping hole in my Tokyo life and I am genuinely sad to see them go, Bon Voyage my brothers, I hope the universe deems it a good idea for us to meet again.

Thanks to everyone who reads this and despite my extended absence don’t forget about me, I’ll be back!!!

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