Well, 2020 can f&$k off!

2020, the gift that kept on giving!
I’m almost scared to write “Thank fuck that’s over” until it actually is in case four horsemen appear on the horizon just to prove that I spoke too soon……
First year of the 2020’s? Yeh, I want a refund.

At the end of almost every year I try to do a year in review blog post, mostly for my own benefit (shouting into the void much?) to remind myself that I did achieve somethings, but this year? this fucking year????
What can I possibly write?

I used to say that the only real advice I could offer another human was “Read more books, drink more water”.
It feels like I should add a few more things after this shitshow- Hug those you love more, travel at every opportunity, wear a fucking mask, never ever vote Tory, show a deep respect for health care workers, go for a walk at least once a day, handshaking is disgustingly dirty don’t do it, don’t waste food, stop assuming everyone cares about the welfare of others – they don’t, sometimes it’s ok to do nothing……..

Let’s be very clear we are NEVER going back to the way things were before this and quite frankly that might be a good thing.
Optimism is far from my default setting, but I’m trying.

I’m acutely aware I’m luckier than so many, all the friends and family I started the year with will be ending it with me at least.
If that’s not true for you, please accept my deepest condolences and this virtual hug.

You know what? Fuck it. I’ll just repost one thing from each month.

Stay safe out there and I mean this more than I ever have – Happy New Year!

Perhaps this should have been an omen?

A friend (Sean Lotman) came to visit, remember that? Friends? visits? If I’d known I would have hugged him even more than I did.

The heady days of the first lockdown when we were all trying to do something productive everyday, the sunshine helped.

I was so thankful to be locked down in a big house with a garden with my wife and my father, we were definitely not “all in this together”.

There was still opportunity for wonder

There were almost daily additional reasons to not piss on these fucking clowns or anyone who voted for them even if they were on fire.

Yep, still thankful that I had someone to hug through all this.

I even managed to squeeze in some work between lockdowns! I usually love my job, but now more than ever.

Some of our daily walks turned out pretty magical.

It was definitely autumn.

I never got round to making sourdough, but we did make some other delicious experiments.

Always start and end on a visual metaphor.

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