Err..those German guys

From the “You couldn’t make it up” file:-

Me: Those nails are fantastic, can I take a picture?

Girl: No problem



Me: How exactly, do you use your phone with those, no problem?

Girl: No problem [laughs]

[Enter Boy stage right]

Boy: Hey, take a picture of me too!

Me: Ok [laughs]

Boy holds out his hand, revealing a truly WTF tattoo



Me: Can i get one of the two of your hands together?

Boy and Girl: [laughs] Sure, no problem



Me (to Boy): That’s an interesting tattoo, why do you have that?

Boy: Well, when I was about 14 or 15 I really liked those…errr..German guys…..what do you call them?

Me: Umm…the Nazi’s??

Boy: Yeh, yeh the Nazi’s, I really liked them.

Me: Ok, er, thanks……?

[Facepalm, Exit me stage left]

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