Kwaheri Dark Star

In event of an accident do not admit liablility - advice to live by ?

The last (I think) in the Kenya 2010 series of blog posts:- pictures that didn’t fit into any of the other posts.

My Kenya trip this year was my first real holiday in more than 4 years and the first time I had left Japan apart from to attend my Mothers funeral in the same period. Unsurprisingly it had a profound effect on me, reminding me of some important things about myself that I had forgotten under the weight of living a ‘normal’ life in Tokyo.
The details of those remembrances are too long and boring to anyone else to go into here, but suffice to say the effects will be reverberating through all aspects of my life for some time yet.

I shot, what I believe was, the best photo story I’ve ever shot and am at present still hawking it around to magazines in the hope of getting it published, meaning that it will not (hopefully never) be appearing here.

I also shot quite a lot of other pictures that I am proud of and most of them have appeared here over the past weeks as blog posts.
For this final Kenya blog post a gallery of pictures that were not part of any particular set or didn’t fit anywhere else.

Kwaheri (Goodbye in Swahili) Dark Star, we will be meeting again soon.

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