It ain’t over till the ‘Flower of the dead’ blooms

Summer that is.

I don’t like flowers, they offend my manly sensiblities with their bright colours and their nice smells. Tarts, brazen hussies the lot of ’em.
Even worse is fauxtographers who take pictures of flowers. Nonsense, total poppycock of the worst order.


There is one flower that always catches my eye, it defines the end of a season better than any other indicator for me here in Tokyo and it has, some people say, 900 names.
It is of course the Lycoris radiata, the flower of the dead or the flower of hell.
(see my post HERE for a little more background on the Japanese folklore surrounding the flower and a pic of the Flower of the dead’s sister the Lycoris albiflora and HERE for some pictures from last year)

Every year I take a picture of the first ones I see and my heart heaves a little sigh as I know it means summer is truly over.

So time to get out the long sleeve shirts, it seems its really Autumn.

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