“DIVISIONS” An Uchujin & Sean Bonner collaboration

Presenting “DIVISIONS” an Uchujin & Sean Bonner collaboration.

Directed, Shot and Edited by me with story (based on his original story HERE) and original music by Sean Bonner a.k.a. Killakee Cat.

The result of one of those random moments of inspiration that often happen when I’m around Mr Bonner, “Hey you have that cool short story right? and I have this interesting footage….hmmm….maybe if we put that all together with some of that noise music you’ve been making and add a little after effects fairy dust…..”
Multiple trans-pacific time zone busting encrypted emails, meticulous hours in After Effects and actual analog knob twiddling later and volia!

Additional background audio (used under a creative commons license) by Soli Sisters “Communion-Exulta Filia” who are actual real nuns fwiw :)

Sean Bonner a.k.a. Killakee Cat
Twitter @seanbonner and @killakeecat

Sean wrote a blog about this too HERE.

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