Nathan Shanahan

A few weeks ago I assisted for a very talented and very friendly Australian photographer friend here in Tokyo.
Nathan Shanahan is one of the few full time working photographers I know and in an effort to increase my own understanding of how the industry works here in Tokyo and other aspects of being a professional photographer I often pick his brains and ask for advice.
Thankfully he is tolerant of my constant questions.

As luck would have it on the job I assisted him for the client decided they needed something shot in 2 locations at once so I was bumped up to second photographer.
The fact that he trusted me without hesitation to shoot the 2nd location (admittedly not a very complicated job, but hey….) made me feel pretty damn good as it meant he trusted me and was happy to have my work used on a job in his name.

Anyway, after saying all those nice things about him, I’m going to post a link to a video of him shooting a campaign for Petrarca (a handmade handbag company) and he is going to hate me for it ;-)

Video here

I’m really looking forward to working for him again and would like to thank him for his support and kindness which I am want to abuse on occasion.

Cheers bro!

Nathan Shanahan

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