Kyoto for the last time?

The quiet spiritual experience of Fushimi Inari©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016-01-18

It’s a weird experience going somewhere and being pretty sure it’s the last time you’ll ever see it. Especially somewhere that’s pretty familiar and the reason you won’t ever be seeing it again is still months in the future – still blurry and undefined.
The sharpen control seems turned up real close to the point where it’s too much and the bittersweet filter makes the edges of the frames go all swirrly bokeh like some old Helios lens.
So it was with a heavy heart that was rapidly lightened by the Bodhisattva’s Sean Lotman, Ariko Inaoka and their son that I spent a few awesome days eating soba (at Ariko’s 550 year old soba restaurant), drinking beer (Kyoto craft – natch) and chewing the proverbial fat in Kyoto last week.
I even got to attend their sons 1st birthday party an honor I will not forget in a hurry and I can’t wait till he’s 20 and I can tell him I was there over a beer.
Met some very nice friends of Sean too.
So all in all a pretty good last visit.

Sayonara Kyoto.


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