Akaenda Berlin – Part 1 – Graffiti

Berlin, how do I love thee? let me count the ways!
Everyone who’d been there told me I was going to love the place before I went, and oh! how right they were! not even -15 degree temperatures could cool my enthusiasm for this incredible unique city.

After almost 3 weeks of madness filming for the “Twende Berlin” documentary, sharing an apartment with 6 Kenyan hip-hop musicians, 3 Italians, an English/Kenyan and a Chilean, I’m back in Tokyo.
My body clock is still all over the place, I have hours of video footage to watch, there are several “in” jokes that are still making me chuckle and readjusting to being here feels like it’s getting harder every time.
I feel physically and emotionally drained, but like I was just part of something wonderful.

But, I digress……Enough about the here and now.

One of the first things that stuck me about Berlin was the Graffiti and street art.
Like Berlin city council has made it an ordinance that if you live there you have to do at least one piece of graffiti a week.
There are of course the all too familiar tags – boring and messy.
But there are also amazing pieces, epic, huge, whole building sized pieces of beauty and amazing creative stickers. The sheer volume of amazing work puts every other city I’ve been to to shame.
So for the first of my “Akaenda Berlin” (‘I went to Berlin’ in Swahili) series, allow me to present some of the amazing work I saw on the streets of this incredible city.

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