Self Service Beer Machine 2.0 – Starring Sean “motionid” Wood

In Decemeber last year I posted a little video of a self service beer machine in an izakaya in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.
The video wasn’t very good, I had only just begun to shoot video and had no idea about encoding and all that jazz.
(plus for some reason I shot it in portrait orientation?? what was I thinking?)

Well, last night I ended up in the same izakaya (the name of which I still can’t remember) with Sean “motionid” Wood and Jon “it’ll all end in tears” Ellis and decided to shoot the video again, this time in Super-wideo-vision (Eiichi Scart’s 15mm lens from the previous post).

Came out much better this time ;-)

Enjoy……particularly Mr Wood’s little smile at the end!

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