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Nathalie Daoust – Hide and Sex

(Photo removed at Ms. Daoust’s request) Last night I went, with Jim O’connell, to the opening of Canadian photographer Nathalie Daoust’s ‘Hide and Sex’ exhibition at the vanilla gallery in Ginza. I was invited by Yuri, my pole dancer friend from the show I shot recently, who features as one of Nathalies models.


Yuko Katsuta and Uchujin, The bridge overlooking Yasukuni dori, august 15th 2009 If you’ve read my previous post on Yasukuni August 15th then hopefully you’ll remember the wonderful old woman I mentioned meeting on the bridge overlooking the entrance to the shrine.

Yasukuni-August 15th

August the 15th is the anniversary of the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II.
Every year on this day 1000’s of people go to the controversial Yasukuni shrine in Kudanshita to pay their respects to the war dead (including the 14 class A war criminals whose souls are intered there).

A year ago……pt.1

Inspired in part by motionid and his ‘from the archives’ posts over on his blog, I have been looking back through photos from a year ago, seeing if there are pictures I didn’t like at the time which I like now and attempting to see if there has been any progression/changes in my work.


Photographer, real ordained Nagpa (Tibetan Buddhist Tantric lay priest) and my vajra brother. Quite possibly the realest, most honest human being I know. He’ll try to tell you different but I taught him all he knows ;-)

Capt. Muju

TeamMuju-©Adrian Storey 2009
It’s been a long month.
The Beats exhibition, house guests, domestic travel, increasing temperatures and the usual slew of rude people on the trains.
Not much time for photography or keeping up with my rss feeds and even less time for blog writing.

I did find time, however, to shoot a portrait of a dear friend and his lovely girlfriend who stayed with us for a week or so though.

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