أنا من القمر – Jordan Pt 2 – Amman – The People

Oi, Infidel! Did you take my picture?

Some of the friendliest people I have met while traveling anywhere in the world were in Jordan, even in the usually stand-offish capital city the offer of a cup of coffee or being dragged over to sit down and chat with someone was never far away.

Of course, it being a Muslim country this post should really be called “Amman-The Men”, I think I talked to maybe 3 Jordanian women the whole time I was there.
This is a real shame and one of the things that makes it almost impossible for me to consider living in a Muslim country, to be almost shut off from conversing with half the population and to watch so many of them walk by covered head to toe in black in 35 degree weather is not something I can pretend to understand.
I did find myself outside Jordan University one day as the students were all going home and it brought home just how liberal Jordan is compared to other more strict Muslim countries. Most of the girls were dressed in western clothes and only about 40% of them were covering their hair. Amsuingly it did make me think that if all Arab girls are that hot maybe the burqa isn’t such a terrible idea after all ;)
I don’t wish this to become about sensitive issues of religious beliefs though so, moving swiftly on………

Some pictures of the inhabitants of Amman.

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