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أنا من القمر – Jordan Pt.1 – Amman – The City

I’ve just returned from an amazing 3 1/2 week trip to Jordan, I have so many stories to tell, some of which will be appearing here over the next week or two and some of which you’ll have to meet me in person to hear ;)
The momentous task of editing 158 GB of photos is underway and I will be showing some of my favorites here, broken up so no-one has to pretend they’ve looked at 100 pictures in one sitting :)
And so we begin with Amman, the capital of Jordan……….

Amman is a city of 2.8 million, almost half the population of Jordan of which 31% are Palestinian refugees.
It is a beautiful city, the almost uniform beige colour of the buildings augmented by the clear blue skies and incredible orange light at either end of the day.
The downtown area retains much of its charm and what really makes the city feel welcoming is the hospitality and friendliness of the Jordanian people.
People stop you everywhere you go to ask you where you are from, welcome you to Jordan and offer you a cup of tea or coffee, completely without pretense or ulterior motive. For someone used to traveling in Asian countries it is a revelation to not have to be on guard for the inevitable attempt to extract money at some point in the conversation. Rarely have I felt so safe in a big city (apart from a few isolated incidents, to be blogged here soon).
The food is wonderful and for a vegetarian like myself it is easy to eat well, great salads (e.g. the fantastic Fatoosh) and buckets of Humus and Falafel.

So, the first of many photo sets, Amman-The City

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أنا من القمر – Jordan

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