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Nairobi – Part 2 – Kibera Kids

Kibera is the largest and probably most famous slum in Africa.
Over a million people living mostly on less than $1 U.S. a day.
During my Kenya trip I spent a lot of time there, partly for work and partly to hang out with some friends I’d made.
One of the things that stuck me about the place was how happy the children seemed, despite their circumstances.

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Asoh Kaho

Last week a make-up artist friend, Yuko Goto, asked me to shoot for a friend and client of hers Asoh Kaho ( , a Japanese traditional musician and dancer. The shoot took place at the Akasaka Prince Hotel, in the  rather beautiful 2 storey old building, which reeked of money and decadence ;-) It was…

Rath Yatra

A lone devotee in a huge crowd prays in the path of the oncoming chariots at the Rath Yatra festival in Puri, India.

Located on the east coast of India, sixty kilometers from the Orissan capital of Bhubaneswar, lies Puri, one of the great pilgrimage sites dating back to ancient India.

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