Isiolo – Part 3 – Turkana and Samburu Tribal Women

The third and final part of ther Isiolo series, was actually not shot in Isiolo at all……..

If you get in a jeep and drive a few hours north of Isiolo, through increasingly empty terrain (save for the antelope, giraffes and other assorted wildlife)  you come to ‘Archers Post’, basically a village around a catholic mission (or should that be the other way round?) and if you drive for another hour or two even further North you come to Sereolipi, and then you really feel like you are truly in Africa™, nothing but the mud huts, tribal people and African™ bush as far as the eye can see.

The main tribes in the area are called the Turkana (in their oral traditions they designate themselves the people of the grey bull) and the Samburu (They refer to themselves as Lokop or Loikop the meaning of which even the Samburu diagree on)

Much has been written about them and they have, like most heavily adorned African™ tribes, been photographed by everyone and his grandmothers friends dog.

However, I thought , seeing as I was there…………..

So, some bargaining with sugar and tobacco later, allow me to present a series of portraits of Turkana and Samburu tribal women in all their glory.


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  • eiichiscart

    Sugoi !

  • Great series. The opening photo in particular, conjures the afternoon for me, its breeze, quietness, sunlight and curiosity. No matter how many times you’ve seen the photos in Nat Geo or whatever, it’s nothing to being there which feels like the far side of the world as it very much is. You can’t begrudge a man for wanting to take a little of that home with him, something, some detail to put together with his oeuvre. It must be done.

  • Great pictures, good to see them large here after having seen them on your phone. Number 1 it is a classic in the nat Geo style, which I’m not sure you’ll take as a compliment but I mean it as one. Very you and great journalistic shot is number 9. The best of a wonderful selection. 3 6 and 8 especially are also outstanding. Keep up the energy from this trip and keep working like this mate. wonderful stuff. Damon

  • From the whitest depths of Russia (it’s still light here in St.P at almost 11pm…) I salute you and your recent foray into the depths of your unknown. I dislike the consistent references to whatever Natgeo has done. You yourself are an independent and free-thinking individual with a will and a camera (and apparently large caches of sugar and tobacco) and that is incomparable to what other so called professionals produce. Of course we might have seen similar images (or in our ignorance equate all photographs of anything “Africa” as part and parcel), but we’ve not seen anything remotely like these. Great work. Keep it up. I hope to see much more, but this work is already proof that Adrian’s soul is residing out of japan.

  • Falsa

    amazing !!

  • Intense, my favorite perhaps of all the Africa photos thus far.

  • Nami

    Beautiful people…!!