An electric bus, Chisinau, Moldova

A Moldovan Odyssey – Filming in the age of Covid19

A Moldovan Odyssey - Filming overseas in the age of…

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Dam! Wales is Beautiful – A trip to the Elan Valley

A late September holiday In Wales? Don't mind if I…

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AndrewMarvell-400YearsOn-PipTorrens-Angela Leighton

Andrew Marvell: 400 years on – With Triple Element Films for Trinity College Cambridge

A poetry reading by Angela Leighton and Pip Torrens on…

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Islamic Calligraphy with Soraya Syed - Shot and edited by Adrian Storey/Uchujin

Islamic Calligraphy – Two Films with Soraya Syed for The SSN for Islamic Art and Material Culture

I'm very pleased to present two films I DOP'd and…

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Well, 2020 can f&$k off!

2020, the gift that kept on giving!

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The Lesser Spotted Maskhole - a blog post - ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey 2020

The Lesser Spotted Maskhole

Proof of life - the Lesser Spotted Maskhole

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Trinity College Cambridge – Life at Trinity 2020 COVID-19 Films

Trinity College Cambridge – COVID-19 Guidance Films

During September 2020 I shot a series of films Directed…

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Micro Scooters Micro Explorer e-scooter video review with Documentally

Micro Scooters Micro Explorer E-scooter – Video review with Documentally

Had a fun (SO much fun) morning in the sun…

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New Showreel!

So, I finally got around to making a new showreel!

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Don't walk ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey

COVID 19 UK lock down – The first month

I've always wanted to live through some history-defining moment.....

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Thomann-Hanry at Somerset House, London

At the end of last year I was hired by…

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Women at Cambridge: Planting women’s roots in Cambridge

The fourth and final of four films from the Women…

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WomenAtCambridge-Muriel Bradbrook-still

Women at Cambridge: The ladder of academic success

The third of four films from the Women at Cambridge…

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Hamish Downie's Five Questions with Adrian Story aka Uchujin for Two Gay Geeks

Two Gay Geeks – Hamish Downie’s Five Questions with Adrian Storey aka Uchujin

HERE'S a little interview I did with fellow film maker…

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WomenAtCambridge-Flying The Flag for women's rowing - rising tide exhibition-University Of Cambridge Library

Women at Cambridge: Flying the flag for women’s rowing

The second of four films from the Women at Cambridge…

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World Jewish Relief - Annual Dinner Film 2020

World Jewish Relief – Annual Dinner Film 2020- With Duckrabbit in Lviv, Ukraine

In September 2019 I traveled to Lviv in Ukraine with…

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Traces Of The Soul - Asia House Screening March 11th 2020

Traces Of The Soul – Asia House, London – Screening March 11th 2020

Very happy to announce a London screening of Martin Cooper's…

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Women at Cambridge: Women’s struggle for education - Duckrabbit & Adrian Storey at Cambridge University

Women at Cambridge: Women’s struggle for education

The first of four films from the Women at Cambridge…

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2019 Review Part 2

Part 2 of my look back at how 2019 panned…

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2019 Review Part 1

Here's some of what happened for me in the first…

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A ride in a Chipmunk with Dave Fradley

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1980s 5" BW TV connected to a PC as 3rd monitor. Display port to HDMI cable into HDMI to composite video adapter, composite video adapter into old VCR, old VCR RF out into coaxial to 3.5mm mono jack adaptor. Mono jack to TV!!

Retro 5″ Black and White TV as a computer monitor – A tale of pointlessness

The convoluted and ultimately pointless tale of how I connected…

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Early 60's "Red P" Helios 40 85mm F1.5-frontview-©Uchujin-AdrianStorey-040619

Helios 40 85mm F1.5 – The king of Russian weird bokeh lenses

The legendary early 60's "red P" Helios 40 85mm f1.5

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Steve Gullick - Gullogram - Book cover

Steve Gullick – “Gullogram” book promo video

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“A Mir Buttercup” – Mir 20M 20mm f3.5 – Video

A flare-tastic test of the Russian Mir 20M 20mm f3.5…

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