The Only Native Japanese Imam In Tokyo – VICE Japan

I am pleased to present my latest documentary, this time shot for the relaunching VICE Japan.
Abdullah Taqy – The ONLY native Japanese Imam in Tokyo.

Some of you may have seen the photo film I did on Abdullah a few years ago but for this piece I worked with the wonderful Erina Suto, my favorite assistant Producer/Editor who did the interviews (and was invaluable in the editing process) which means that Abdullah speaks far more fluently about his faith and ideas than he did when he was speaking to me before.


And welcome back VICE Japan!

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  • Jon

    Nice! I liked the photo version a lot, but this one feels much more dynamic and bright. Probably a function of you having more tools to express yourself in the medium…

    Cool that you are working with Erina :)

  • Fantastic piece of work, like Jon I thought the photo version was powerful but the extra time give you more to say, and importantly more for Abdullah to say. Great work. Damon

  • Thanks guys!
    I always loved the photo one, but wanted to expand upon it and give the Imam more space to talk about his beliefs.
    I’m happy with the result and hopefully as it’s on VICE plenty of people will get to see how cool he is!