“Japan In A Day” 3/11/2012 – youtube project

Usually I don’t have anything to do with these things, but I was asked nicely by @sarasa to submit something the day before to the “Japan In A Day” YouTube project, so in an effort to be nice (much harder than it should be) I made this.
Everything had to be filmed on 3/11/2012, my feelings for which have been well documented.
It is presented without further comment.

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  • jon

    Feels like a missed opportunity to get into trouble sampling kraftwerk…

    The new end animation is very nice.

  • Strangely powerful. Indeed every film you make is wonderfully different to the one before and yet looks like you are fully inhabiting your practised idiom as the auteur. It is a rare skill I think, my friend, to be so good at so many different things. Can’t wait for the next one. Damon

  • Sarasa

    Brilliant!! I think you captured the zeitgeist of Tokyo very well. I’m confident your piece will be used in the final film :) Thank you so much Adrian, I owe you one!