Talented Friends

An ongoing series of portraits of some of my hugely talented friends.

All of the shots are a personal exercise in lighting and realisation of an idea.
The exercise for me as a photographer was to produce each of the shots without using compositing to realise the images.
(which in many of the cases was by far the most difficult way to do it, but that was the point)
What that means in practice is, If you see a man holding fire, then he really is holding fire, it wasn’t photoshopped in afterwards.

Sean Miles Lotman

Sean Miles Lotman-Writer

“And these clocks keep unwinding and completely ignore everything that we hate or adore”
Sean Miles Lotman is an incredibly talented writer of novels and short stories.
He is also an internationally known fashion model.
He is one of the most deep thinking, politically aware, erudite people I know.
He hails from California and is currently based in Tokyo.
His website is HERE

Brett “Manny Santiago” Richardson

Brett Richardson-Writer/Editor/Photographer

“I had a lengthy discussion about The Power of Myth with a post-modern author who didn’t exist”
Brett “Manny Santiago” Richardson is the founder and editor of Heso Magazine, a photographer, a chef and is a real ordained priest.
He makes the best bloody mary’s in the world.
He is devilishly handsome, a connoisseur of fine single malts and a gastronomic mastermind.
He is a real LA boy, who currently resides in Tokyo.
Read his eloquent writings HERE


Mr & Mrs Muju - Artists

The lovely Mr Muju is one of my oldest and dearest friends and is directly responsible for my first picking up a camera.
He is an amazing photographer himself, but his main talent lies in painting and Illustration ( I even have a tattoo of one of his characters on my leg!)
He is without doubt one of the nicest human beings I have ever met.
The beautiful Mrs Muju is a nimble fingered textile artist who is responsible for the floating Muju doll in this photo and a whole world of internationally renowned Muju dolls.
They are currently based somewhere in the English countryside.
Their site is HERE

Danny “Falsalama” Griffin

Danny Griffin a.k.a. Falsalama - Photographer

“You and me have seen everything to see”
Photographer, musician, real ordained Ngakpa (Tibetan Buddhist Tantric lay priest) and my vajra brother.
Quite possibly the realest, most honest human being I know.
Words can never do justice to this amazing man who has literally saved my life on more than one occasion.
The title of this photograph is no joke, together we have travelled the world for more than 10 years and no matter how crazy that got I always felt safe with him by my side.
I am humbled that he regards me as his friend.
He is a true English nomad and currently (though for how long is anyones guess) resides in England.
Some of his photography can be seen HERE

Eiichi “Scart” Miyamoto

Eiichi "Scart" Miyamoto - Designer/Photographer

“We translate Japanese to English and English to Japanese”
Eiichi “Scart” Miyamoto is an artist, photographer and an internationally known designer.
He has the largest collection of cameras and lenses I have ever seen and he knows how to use them.
Together with his lovely wife they produce an incredible array of  “scart” bears, clothes and strange objects.
He doesn’t like having his picture taken.
We were introduced by a mutual friend on the day I moved to Tokyo and we have been friends ever since.
He restores my faith in humanity every time we meet.
His photography can be seen HERE

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