Some of my best friends are women – Ten Minutes Hate

Sarcastic nod to casual racism of the title aside this new series is to highlight some of the very talented and interesting women I count among my friends.
For a long time here in Tokyo my peer group was to be honest a little testosterone heavy, not by choice I might add, but recently and thanks to which ever deity I’m on speaking terms with at the moment I have been lucky enough to offset that one sidedness by meeting some very cool women.

First up and just because I have a great photo of her not because she’s better than the others (sorry Jo ;) is a woman with the greatest blog title and byline in the history of blog titles:-

“Ten minutes hate, because two would not be enough”

The red-haired tea obsessed scouse (wanna buy some hub caps?) writer and all round ‘top bird’ , Miss Joanne Greenway.

From her about section:-

Taking inspiration from (and certain liberties with) George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, she began writing as Julia Smith in March 2009.  In the book, which you really should read – especially if you are one of the people who has lied about it, the Two Minutes Hate is described as a ‘hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness’. ten minutes hate is much the same, with an extra eight minutes added for good measure.

I have to say the title of her blog is a little misleading and ultimately a bit of a fib, there is not really enough actual hate there for a misanthropist like me but there is a lot of well written intelligent comment on music, politics, football etc. You could do far worse than to spend a little time over there soaking up a little of the , ahem, hate.

Her twitter is also a constant source of amusement, great links and is well worth a follow.

Jo, thanks for making me smile and getting over the fear and disgust of soft southerners to give me the occasional hug, my Tokyo life is much more fun with you in it.

her blog

her twitter

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