You’re Not From ‘Round Here

“You’re Not From ‘Round Here” Podcast Episode 1 – Matthew Downs

Richard Smart (journalist extraordinaire) and I have a new podcast…

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©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016-01-11_DSC00329-Pano-small THUMB

Shibuya Panorama with guest Mt Fuji appearance

Shibuya Panorama with guest Mt Fuji appearance

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Nakajima Hiroyuki “LIFE” Exhibition – Collaboration Video

I am proud to unveil the collaboration video I Directed/Shot/Edited…

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Uchujin / Adrian Storey Show reel 2015

Uchujin / Adrian Storey Cinematography Show reel 2015

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Uchujin 2015 Review

Yep. 2015 all done bar the throwing up so it's…

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Part Two of A Japan Triptych - Cherry's Company

Part Two of A Japan Triptych – Cherry’s Company

The second part of the triptych of films I shot…

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Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.56.21

Sony A7SII – Slow motion test – Setagaya Park, Tokyo December 2015

On a windy day last week I went to my…

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NEW uchujin logo by Nakajima Hiroyuki

New 宇宙人 (Uchujin) logo

Look! My lovely new 宇宙人 (Uchujin) logo.......

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New Camera!!! – Sony A7SII

I finally pulled the plug and upgraded my trustworthy old…

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Part One of A Japan Triptych – Mooneyes: The Greatest Show on Earth

Last year I had the pleasure of being hired by…

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Interview on Empty Kingdom

A while ago the rather excellent site 'Empty Kingdom' featured…

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Shooting JAGMO (Japan Anime and Game Music Orchestra)

Recently was the head cameraman in charge of 4 cameramen…

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Shooting Hiroyuki Nakajima – Contemporary Calligraphy Artist

Recently I shot Hiroyuki Nakajima, a contemporary Calligraphy artist for…

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I HEART religious facism (sic) 2015-10-18

I (Heart) Religious Fascism

This was just so WTF I thought it deserved its…

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360° video shoot with

Just wrapped on a job I was the Producer for…

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2015-09-07 10.57.47-2

Corporate Shoot – Fragrance Laboratory

Corporate Shoot - Fragrance Laboratory

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Green Man Tattoo 2 – Spring

So my second of 4 planned Green Man tattoos is…

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Shinzan Roshi 2015-08-31

Shooting Shinzan Roshi – 80 year old Zen monk and Calligraphy master

This weekend I traveled to Seki in Gifu prefecture to…

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©Uchujin-AdrianStorey_2015_05_20_4059 garytat-small

A pair of Hand Poked tattoos by Gary Burns @Tattoo Workshop in Brighton

A few weeks ago when I was back in the…

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“DIVISIONS” An Uchujin & Sean Bonner collaboration

"DIVISIONS" a Uchujin & Sean Bonner collaboration.

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kit overview

Uchujin – Video Production Kit

Someone asked me the other day WTF all the stuff…

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“Strangers” Fashion shoot, website and exhibition

I recently did a fashion shoot for a new Tokyo…

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Interview on

The lovely people over at (Crack For Your Eyes…

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Kyubei Sushi Photos in Jyllands Posten

At the end of last year I worked with the…

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“Twende Berlin” Documentary – Watch in Full

"Twende Berlin" Documentary - Watch in Full

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