USA 2014 – Death Valley

Cactus sunset - Panamint Springs, Death Valley ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey

I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures whilst I was in the US recently. Far less than I have on other trips to foreign countries for the first time.
In Las Vegas it was because I was working 15 hours a day and just wanted a beer and sleep once I was done and in LA I was just having too much fun and didn’t want to look like a stupid tourist and embarrass the cool people I was hanging out with ;).
In Death Valley however………

After Leaving Las Vegas (why is everything in America a literary, movie or music reference?) the other cameraman I had been working with, Jonas (super nice and talented guy) and his friend Amanda who was visiting from Australia (that’s them in the last pic below) hired a car and drove immediately to Death Valley.
For Jonas and I , I think it was the case that we couldn’t get out of Dodge quick enough.
It was the right decision. As the fake tits, city sized hotels,sounds of the slot machines and the nerdgasm that was NAB faded into the distance Nevada opened up into wide open expanses of desert and mountains that was just what my tired body and mind required.

Suddenly I remembered why I had my camera and every time we stopped our completely silent hybrid car to change the batteries in the GoPro’s we had strapped to the car (more of that to come…..) I took a few holiday snaps that you can see below………..


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  • cory Lum

    enjoyed the #panoramic images uchujin ! did you bring a panoramic head ? the only way to share the vastness of the desert is the panoramic ! CHEERS ! enjoyed seeing your photographs !

  • Uchujin

    No panoramic head, all shot by hand, stiched in Photoshop after. Agreed the desert is too vast to get in a nice normal aspect ratio. Thanks for your comments brother! see you in Tokyo soon :)

  • cory Lum

    yes sir ! see u in tokyo ! enjoyed the panoramics ! see u soon bro ! aloha, cory

  • Caught myself saying “Wow” out loud for at least half the shots. These are excellent. Love the aspect ratio too.
    Look forward to one day hearing a few stories :-)

  • Uchujin

    High praise indeed! Thank you man, appreciated. Aspect ratio is cos they are almost all panoramas joined in Photoshop.
    Look forward to meeting up soon.