Four and a half hours in twenty three seconds – A tattoo timelapse

As an early birthday present to myself I got a new tattoo to add to my growing collection.

This one is special for a couple of reasons:-
The birthday it marks is one of those “big” ones that frankly is disturbing the hell out of me, I know it’s just a number but the less said about it the better.
It is a buddhist quote because my involvement with Buddhism which began over 10 years ago was like taking the red pill – once I’d heard the words I knew nothing would ever be the same again.
It’s in (a stylized version of) Hindi to celebrate the years I have spent in Mother India the country that after all my wandering is still easily my favorite country in the world and feels on some deep level more like home than anywhere.
Unlike all my other tattoos it’s in a place where everyone will see it which is my way of finally saying, screaming “fuck you” to everyone who has ever judged me by the way I look.

So, in celebration and to mark the event of getting it a short timelapse compressing the 4 1/2 hours it took into 23 seconds.

Oh and the meaning?
“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger”

The hilarity of which will not escape anyone who knows me.

Huge thanks as always to Abdullah Taqy, my tattooist and dear friend.

Big thanks also to Billy Gomez for the music “Act 1”

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  • Great short film, great music and though you explained the meaning the other day it is such a powerful and live your life by mantra that is is good to have it repeated again and again. It is words that i have taken to heart as i have been discovering the many little annoyances we let ourselves feel everyday just create more bad things to live through. The words on your arm are more poetic and succinct. Damon

  • Charlie

    nice to see you are using the hello kitty cover for your iPhone.

    good work and nice looking tattoo.

  • Nice one man… and happy birthday.
    And yes, “live by the sword, die by the sword” as modern philosophers Slayer would say/sing/yell, albeit a bit less poetically than your story.
    The hilarity…

  • e

    nice. i enjoyed this.
    happy birthday.
    miss you – let’s try to meet up soon. i’m back

  • Abu Rumaisa


    Can you confirm when this tattoo was done? And was it painful?

    Abu Rumaisa.

  • @Abu Rumaisa
    Strange question…….
    Why was when it was done important?
    And no, actually it didn’t hurt.In fact I nearly slept a couple of times.

  • Abu Rumaisa

    Sorry, I was under the impression Abdullah Taqy wasn’t tattooing anymore, hence the question about when you got it done.