• And you call me a hipster!

  • gullevek

    Impossible to get this more epic :D

    And short hair :D

  • Jon

    those shoes…

    and, i now believe that you can time travel.

  • @Jon
    Really? I show you this picture and you have an issue with the shoes?
    You are a strange man ;-)

  • Some random act of the universe zapped me by accident and boy was it worth it :) lol. Lookin’ smoking mista , my screen is slowly melting ahah. Hope you’re doing ok, its been a about a million years since I said Hi … so Hi :) hope alls well with you x

  • eiichiscart

    cho- suge—– :)

  • Richard storey

    Lucky I’m not related to this Plonker…..
    Oh shit!

  • fin

    it was me that took the photo…u can have the negatives, i took loads of shots….

  • Ben

    My Goodness!! a Great Classic