“Two Cute Dogs” – Charlie Kirk – A documentary – The Trailer

A short trailer for my soon to be released documentary on Charlie Kirk a.k.a. `Two Cute Dogs`, a Tokyo based street photographer.

“Stabing” – Fleck e.s.c.
(used with kind permission from Fleck)

Full documentary coming soon!

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  • Love how you cut the last shot of charlie talking to the girl to make him look as if he’s about to eat her, Vampire style. Oozes talent as always Adrian and the gets Charlie’s character across even in these few short sequences.

  • cannot wait to see the whole documentary, when do you release it ?

  • Jon

    “I just give less respect to people who shoot small film”

  • Chris Blackhurst

    Like it. Insightful and fun little documentary. Its always hard trying to judge someone from prose alone, so to see Charlie “in the flesh”, as it were, makes a difference.
    I share a lot of the same sentiments & disagree with others. I like Charlie’s approach more than other photographers who have adapted this style of shooting as Charlie seems to be genuinely well mannered and polite and always seems to have a disarming smile ready. Thats good to see.
    Congratulations to Adrian and Charlie on this short production – I don’t think it will serve either of you any harm.

    But stop slagging off the X100 ;-)