UPDATE-Copyright Infringement Again! – Groove Magazine Germany

Well, well, well……
It’s like a massage with a happy ending, I got what I wanted but I feel a bit dirty having got there ;-)

To cut a LONG story as short as possible.
In September last year I wrote a post Copyright Infringement Again! – Groove Magazine Germany about some photos of mine being used without permission in a German Techno magazine.
So, after many harsh words – including a fun little incident in Berlin where word got back to the ‘gentleman’ in question that I’d said I was going to break his nose if I saw him :-) an offensively small offer of payment from the new editor and my basically telling them to fuck off…..

Ta-da!!! I got paid!
Only my usual rate for the pictures and nothing for the copyright infringement, but payment none the less.

The moral???
Don’t be a scaredy cat when it comes to asserting yourself, especially when you are 100% in the right.
And, update your blog to give the thieving b%$tards what tiny credit they deserve for paying up.

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  • Jon

    Persistence pays off. Tonight we’ll drink the proceeds!

  • We will not! (they are already spent for one thing)
    You are one of the ones always telling me to ‘tone it down’ if I’d listened to you I never would have got my money!!!