I Long To Be Invisible Again

5D in for repair? (*see note below)
No problem, shoot loads of clips using your iPhone 3GS , edit them together in Premiere Pro with some music from your old band and voila a music / personal confession video.

Music – “Plinky One” – The Hawkline Orchestra
(That’s me on guitar that is – and the fantastic singer Rochelle Vincente, now of Product/01 )


*5D mk II mode dial broke off in my hand a few weeks ago. Took it to the Canon service center, 19,000Y ($220 U.S. ish) to repair or 10,500Y ($120 U.S. ish) to replace the dial with the new locking mode dial.
New locking mode dial thanks, oh….but that’ll take 2 weeks!! f%&k what am I going to do without a camera!!!!*


DISCLAIMER: This video was filmed and this blog post was written before the events of 11/3/11 in Japan and the subsequent disaster that struck the country. I am publishing it now in an effort to return to some kind of normality.

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  • I hope you are ok, i know we emailed briefly but that was when Tokyo ‘seemed ok’. I’ve been watching the news like a crazy person, shouting at people to donate, and getting involved in any fund raising I can. I really hope you are safe, are you going to leave? thoughts and prayers to you guys and all in japan. xxxxx

  • eiichiscart

    kakkoii ne ;)

  • Jon

    That’s right lovely that is.

  • S. M. Lotman

    It is lovely. An early masterpiece from the smartphone set.

  • Thx for the comments.
    I am quietly proud of this little video and spent quite a long time shooting very specifically for this project and editing so I’m glad you like it.

    @Kirtsy Michell – we are all ok.I have no plans to leave right now.Everything seems to be returning to some sense of normality now the Fukushima situation seems to be much more stable. All here agree that the focus should be on those in the tsunami hit areas who have lost everything and need our help.
    I’m auctioning a print over on flickr:-
    Thax for your concern.

  • I can’t put my finger on why i like this video but it’s bloody great. The music is magic and it just works with all those static shots of daily life. The whole video took me to some place different. A refreshing experience from all the commercial stuff I am usually focused on.

  • LTK

    I’m really digging your films!