2010 WTF?

There’ll be no moratorium, no “it was a year of up’s and down’s” or any other nonsense.

A few unpublished pictures and 5 top 5’s (too lazy to do top 10’s).


Top 5 most Popular ‘Uchujin-The Blog’ posts (according to wordpress stats)
1) Isiolo-Part 2- Isiolo Town
2) A 500 year old soba restaurant, enough sake to floor a sumo wrestler, very non-zen zen gardens and being picked up by girls in bars – My Kyoto trip
3) On the 7th Day Pt 2
4) ‘Tis the season……
5) Isiolo – Part 3 – Turkana and Samburu Tribal Women

Top 5 Of My favorite ‘Uchujin-The Blog’ Posts
1) Shall we dance?
A Dark Wind Blows
3)The Kibera Olympic Boxing Team
4) Akaenda Berlin – Part 2 – People
5) Oya-Part 3-The Abandoned Building Cliche

Top 5 Most Listened Albums of 2010 (not necessarily released in 2010, According to Media Monkey)
1) Mumford and Sons-Sigh No More
2) Janice Whaley-The Smiths Project
3) Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s
4) The Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride
5) Miike Snow-Miike Snow

Top 5 Most Annoying Things
1) Still living in Japan
2) People who walk down the up stairs (or vice versa)
3) Having my Pictures stolen by print magazines
4) Students who see “20” written on a whiteboard and say “er….twen-teen?”
5) Everybody and Everything else ;-)

Top 5 Things that made me Happy
1) My friends
2) My Berlin trip
3) My Africa trip
4) Gin and Tonic
5) Canon 5D MK II

A big thanks to everyone who read and commented on the blog this year.
There’s gonna be some BIG changes next year but no doubt I’ll feel the narcisisstic need to blog about them here.

Sayonara 2010 (Mr Clarke you were a bit off)

See you in 2011, and quite probably where you least expect.

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  • Jon

    that top shot – looks like you’re trying your very hardest not to piss yourself laughing. it makes me grin :)

  • Yes, top five indeed. Great work here. You needn’t look very far from wherever you may find yourself to see that you can do good work anywhere. It’s all just a state of mind. And a strong Gn’T, of course…HNY.

  • you rock alien !
    lets grab a beer soon !

    nice pic by tommy !

    cHEERS !

  • Thanks for the comments.