Just a little bit of fun.

Was out with Sean ‘Motionid’ Wood and Jon ‘It’ll All End In Tears’ Ellis a few weeks ago and filmed this test shot for something else I’m working on. Could have used a shoulder rig and being less drunk, but……
Ended up kinda fun (despite the rain on the lens causing a strange reflection in the bottom of the frame) so I thought I’d put it up here.

Principal actor is Mr. Motionid (him of self service beer machine fame;-) and there’s even a cameo by Mr. It’ll All End In Tears (around the 47 second mark).
Music is Joy Orbison “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow”

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  • what you have there is actually the bright street lights bouncing off the sensor, and then reflecting back into the camera from a lens element.

    same kind a thing (without any rain):

  • @Jon Ellis, yep that seems like a reasonable explanation too ;-)

  • I’ve gotta stop smirking at the camera. hehe. My reaction on seeing this now posted was – “What a dickhead” – but I could be being a bit hard on myself (no pun intended – dickhead or wood related).
    It turned out really well. I’m sure the real one will be even better but you’ll need to shoot it just after the rain has stopped to make is real special.

  • @Sean Wood I don’t think you look like a dickhead at all.
    The smirking is cute ;-)
    It was just a test anyway, shot after a good few beers, if anyone looks like a dickhead its me for posting a video that is this jumpy! would help if i could hold the damn camera still :-(

  • Nice bit of circle jerking going on here. Mind if I get in on the next round? Great idea, good outcome (nice cameo by the neo-rockabilly Ellis), have space to improve, but overall pretty well done. Wish I were there.

  • very cool.. looking good Sean, -i like the cool knowing smirks as the rest of the world runs around backward with head up a** bikes are especially great.
    -with a steady cam would be very cool, and yeah with wet roads. brilliant.