Featured on Conscientious

I recently submitted my ‘Let the poets cry themselves to sleep’ series to Jorg Colberg’s rather exellent Conscientious site for consideration in his Portfolio competition.
I didn’t win (clearly a travesty ;-) congrats to Lydia Anne McCarthy , Oksana Yushko and Dalton Rooney who did.
Jorg was kind enough to blog about the series though.

It means a lot to be recognised by a site that I respect a great deal for showcasing some excellent work.

Thanks Jorg!

(oh and thanks to Arnaud for emailing me about its appearance)

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  • eiichiscart

    iine !

  • Roc

    Why it’s so difficult to find the pictures? I didn’t found them anywhere :(

  • Roc, If you mean on Conscientious then there is only the 1.

    If you mean on my site, then its not so difficult – go to the main site and click on the “Let the poets” series……..;-)

  • Very nice. Keep spreading the good word.