Society Works

Society Works

I was lucky enough to meet KiemTang a.k.a. Society Works who was passing through our little metropolis the past few days.

A fantastic photographer and a stylish, handsome, friendly young man with the dulcit tones and pronunciation of a true London boy ( hugely refreshing around here I can tell you ;-)).

I am a huge fan of his work generally and in particular his ‘Clump’ series, so I was very happy to oblige when he asked me to pose for a shot in the series.

I’ve said it before, when Moonwire and David Teeter, opps! Dr David Teeter , were in town, but it bares repeating:- Despite all of the pitfalls of being a Flickr-head , I’ve met some truely great photographers and more importantly damn nice people because of it.
Kiem was the latest, but surely not the last, in a line of photographers who because of Flickr I’ve had the pleasure to meet and be inspired by.

Keep ’em coming and travel safe y’all.

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