Looking skinny like a model…

***UPDATE-Uniqlo removed the video from their site and I didn’t have a chance to grab a copy…..now lost forever in the mists of time****

I recently did a modeling job for Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo for their Heat tech range.
You can watch and laugh at me above.
(actually I did 2 but the other one isn’t on their site yet)

It’s been quite entertaining to me as a (granted very handsome;-) mid 30 something to get modeling jobs in Japan (I’ve had several, the most impressive for Issey Miyake) because if I went into a modeling agency in England I’d get laughed out the door.
It has caused me to be more vain than I have ever been in my life though.
Looking in the mirror and seeing the accumulated signs of 20 odd years of abuse of various legal and illegal (not anymore I hasten to add) substances, super bright high altitude sunshine and a moisturizing routine that would have most professional models shaking their pretty little airheads in disgust, gets more disturbing with every rejection at a casting call.
Still I do still get the odd job and I can’t deny the ego boost it gives me when I see myself nestled in some glossy pages.
Now if I could just get cast in a TV commercial (thats where the REAL money is) I would feel like I’d made it ;-)
As Casey Kasem was so fond of reminding us “Keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars”

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