2014 Show Reel



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Paragliding with Keiko Hiraki – Womens World Champion Paraglider


Earlier this week I went to Asagiri Kogen in Shizuoaka to go paragliding with my wife.
I was lucky enough to do a tandem flight with Keiko Hiraki the womens 2013 world champion paraglider.

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(Don’t call it a… ) Drone adventures Pt.2


Pt.2 of my continuing adventures with aerial filming in which we discover that things are a LOT more complicated than they seem………
The video above is an example of what I have managed to achieve after weeks of tinkering and makes liberal use of warp stabiliser to smooth out continuing problems, read on to hear all about them…….

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(Don’t call it a… ) Drone adventures Pt.1


selfie from wltoys v303 with GoPro3

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks or so using all my free time getting up to speed on drones, or as they should probably be called to avoid all the spy in the sky, US killing innocent civilians connotations – quadcopters.
The media buzz of the moment for good and bad reasons, it’s been a steep learning curve, hugely fun and frustrating by turns, so I thought I’d write a blog post about my journey to now.

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Cross My Heart Hope To Die – Vita E Morte Exhibition at Subliminal Projects LA


My good friend Sean Bonner and his Band/Art Collective “Cross My Heart Hope To Die” (Dj Muggs, Andrew Kline and Brevi completing the bands line up) had their gallery opening and first ever live performance in Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery last night.
If twitter is anything to go by it was a HUGE success, making me even more annoyed I couldn’t be there especially as I was listed on the wall as a “collaborater” – probably the nicest thing anyone’s called me in a while, and let’s face it probably the only time in my life I will appear above Will Wheaton in print :)
I’m listed as such because I made a music video for them a while back which they played at the show so I’m super proud of that.
Some photos from Dan Rawe on flickr of the exhibition and the show.
And more on the twitter #cmhhtd tag HERE
The exhibition runs until August 23rd, 2014 so if you are in LA I strongly suggest going!

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“Deciphering Japan” – Ian Thomas Ash & Adrian Storey at Tokyo University Of the Arts – Jun10th 2014


Shinjuku ©Uchujin-Adrian Storey. All Rights reserved.
On June 10th Ian Thomas Ash and I will be guest lecturers at “Deciphering Japan” at Tokyo University of the Arts.
We will be discussing our work and the challenges of being independent foreign film makers in Japan.
More information here:- http://mce.geidai.ac.jp/topics/deciphering_japan

“Safecast bGeigie How to” with your host Sean Bonner


Not being a master solderer, programmer, hardware hacker or borderline genius there is very little I can do to help my friends at the amazing Safecast project.
The 3 minute film explaining who they are and what they do that I made has proved very useful to them though and has even been shown at the IAEA.

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“281 Anti_nuke” at East Asian Video Frames : Tokyo – Pori Art Museum, Finland 13th June – 14th September 2014


"Japan Kills Japanese" by 281_Anti nuke ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey

I am proud to announce that my “281_Anti nuke” documentary that was published earlier this year on VICE Japan will screen from the 13th June to 14th September 2014 at the Pori Art Museum in Pori, Finland as part of the “East Asian Video Frames” project which was started in 2013  by Dr. Minna Valjakka.
It will be accompanied by an exclusive video slide show of sticker art photographed since 2006 in Tokyo.
You can read the press release HERE and see the documentary HERE, just in case you can’t make it to Finland for the exhibition itself.

Kickstarter video for Shoot Tokyo : The Book – Updated funded in 10 hours!

Uchujin/Adrian Storey by Shoot Tokyo -  ©Dave Powell 2014

Uchujin/Adrian Storey by Shoot Tokyo – ©Dave Powell 2014

I recently was asked to make a kickstarter video for Dave Powell the talented photographer behind the very popular Shoot Tokyo site.
He was great to work with and we had a lot of fun making the video.
Head over to his site and more importantly his kickstarter page to support the making of Shoot Tokyo : The book and to see the film.

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USA 2014 – Wot? no photos of LA?


I took an embarrassingly small number of photo’s in LA. I blame Patrick Ecclesine the amazing photographer and super humanly nice guy who I was staying with for driving me around in his Camaro convertible and making everything so much fun that I didn’t want to take pictures.
His drop dead gorgeous girlfriend and lovely human being Donna Feldman must also take some of the blame as must Sean Bonner for making me all star struck by introducing me to Shepard Fairey.
Rochelle Vincente, incredible singer, muse & my band mate from back in the day in Brighton, UK shoulders some of the blame too. Her Lover Raw Chocolate and infectious positivity also kept my camera in it’s bag.
Seriously, not one photo of the “Hollywood” sign? or of the Walk of Fame? WTF was I doing?

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