Documentally Ident - How I did it Ident – The Making of – Fun with After Effects and Mocha

After seeing my short "Not with a bang" when he…

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Pubcasting for future generations- A conversation between Christian "Documentally" Payne and Adrian "Uchujin" Storey

Pubcasting for future generations – A conversation with Documentally

Over a few ales to celebrate Christian "Documentally" Payne's birthday…

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Neotists - 5 Questions for creatives Adrian Storey

Neotists – Five questions for creatives: Adrian Storey

Neotsists a collective for creatives in the St Neots and…

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Video Production Services - Christian "Documentally" Payne and Adrian "Uchujin" Storey

Video Production Services – Christian “Documentally” Payne and Adrian “Uchujin” Storey

Need a video? Christian "Documentally" Payne & Adrian "Uchujin" Storey…

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Uchujin Headquarters ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016

Uchujin 2016 Review – Part 2

Part 2 - We're here again, the end of another…

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Uchujin / Adrian Storey Show reel 2016

Uchujin / Adrian Storey Showreel 2016

My D.O.P. / Camerman / Editor Showreel 2016

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Nuclear Bunker ©uchujin-adrianstorey2016-12-07

Uchujin Visits A Nuclear Bunker

It's not often you get asked if you wanna go…

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Year of the monkey ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2009

Uchujin 2016 Review – Part 1

We're here again, the end of another rotation around the…

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St Neots Film Festival

Uchujin showing at St Neots Film Festival

I'm proud to announce that 4 of my films (Not…

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Uchujin on tour - Mujuworld in Cornwall edition

Uchujin On Tour – Mujuworld in Cornwall Edition

Last week I finally managed to make it down to…

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The Bowler Supremacy

“The Bowler Supremacy” Deep Sand Diesel For INFLUX

"The Bowler Supremacy" - This months piece I DP'd, shot…

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wide angle Uchujin @ Photokina

Uchujin on tour – at Photokina in Cologne and more

The past few weeks has been a blur of (good)…

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Catching His Drift - Buttsy Butler on

“Catching His Drift” Buttsy Butler on going sideways for INFLUX

The piece I DP'd and edited on drift car nutcase…

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Shooting Ghalamdar & Karl O’Brien – Calligraphitti Ambassadors

Shooting Ghalamdar & Karl O'Brien - Calligraphitti Ambassadors

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Sayonara Japan – Uchujin is leaving the building

Almost exactly 10 years to the day after moving to…

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"Not With A Bang" an Uchujin Films short

“Not With A Bang” An Uchujin Films Short

I am proud to present my latest short film "Not…

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"let the poets" series photo on

The Japanese art of (not) sleeping – “Let the Poets” photos published on the BBC

Photos from my "Let The Poets Cry Themselves To Sleep"…

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Koji Kakinuma-Large scale calligraphy works ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016

Koji Kakinuma – Shooting Large Scale Calligraphy

Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure to shoot…

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Sometimes It Snows In April

Sometimes it snows in April.

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Matt Allard testing the Pergear MTL900 Pro LED light ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016

CRI ratings – Testing the Pergear MTL900 Pro LED Light

CRI ratings - Testing the Pergear MTL900 Pro LED Light

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“You’re Not From ‘Round Here” Podcast Episode 2 – Anthony Davis

So, Episode 2 of the podcast by me and Richard…

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"The Strangers" Kevin Mullin & Annemarie Luck ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016

The Strangers – Kev Mullin & Annemarie Luck

Was shooting some product shots for Tokyo based fashion label…

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Koji Kakinuma ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016-

Shooting Koji Kakinuma – Contemporary Calligrapher

I recently had the pleasure of shooting an interview (and…

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Kimono Dreams ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey2016

Kimono Dreams

Chiharu Gotoh at Kawasaki Daishi

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Kyoto for the last time?

It's a weird experience going somewhere and being pretty sure…

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