Ian Thomas Ash and “A2-B-C” – Censorship? Self-censorship?


Ian Thomas Ash - Censorship? Self-censorship? ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey_2015_03_07

A few days ago my friend and colleague Ian Thomas Ash asked me to shoot the above photo for him. He needed an image for the press to illustrate something that was about to happen with his award winning documentary “A2-B-C” about children in Fukushima with thyroid cysts.
You can read his blog post about the cancellation of his distribution deal for the film in Japan – HERE.

Interview on CFYE.com


CYFE.com Adrian Storey/Uchujin interview

The lovely people over at CFYE.com (Crack For Your Eyes – GREAT name!) have published an interview with me and some of my work.
It is one of my more forthcoming interviews and I think you might enjoy it :) Go have a look – HERE
Super proud to be featured by them alongside some truly excellent work.

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Kyubei Sushi Photos in Jyllands Posten


Uchujin/Adrian Storey photos - Kyubei Sushi for Jyllands Posten  - page 1 Uchujin/Adrian Storey photos - Kyubei Sushi for Jyllands Posten  - page 2

At the end of last year I worked with the Danish journalist Thomas Davidsen on a piece for the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten about Kyubei sushi and it’s proprietor Yosuke Imada in Ginza.
It ended up being 3 pages in the newspaper which I finally got a print copy of this week reminding me to post it here.
Been a while since I’ve seen my photos in print as most of my work is now video and for the web.
A refreshing change.
Thomas was a real pleasure to work with, his professionalism and friendliness making it a really fun job, so thanks to him and Jyllands Posten for publishing it.

“Twende Berlin” Documentary – Watch in Full


Almost 5 years ago I was the Director of photography on the documentary “Twende Berlin” about public space and gentrification filmed in Berlin and Nairobi (some blog posts from the time HERE ).
Directed by Vincenzo Cavallo and produced by the team from Cultural Video Foundation.
The full documentary is now available to watch online.
Super proud of my work on it as it was my first ever DP assignment. The finished piece is well worth your time, hats off to all involved.
It was an amazing time for me and I miss dearly all the people involved (you know who you are!) massive Upendo love to you all!

8×10 Expired Ektachrome portraits by Eiichi “Scart” Miyamoto


Eiichi "Scart" Miyamoto -expired ektachrome portrait of -Uchujin -1

At the end of last year I went to my dear friend and amazing artist Eiichi “Scart” Miyamoto’s house for a spectacular dinner and drinking session.
(see my portrait of Eiichi taken some years ago HERE)
Always an inspiring and interesting thing to do as Eiichi and his wife are the kind of people who make you at once glad to be alive and ashamed for being so god damn lazy as they are both amazing artists who produce epic amounts of work, even their house is a work of art, I never tire of going there as it is rammed full to bursting with all kinds of amazing art, stereo equipment and miscellaneous interesting stuff plus they are superb cooks and always have enough alcohol on hand to wipe out a small army battalion.
After much eating and drinking this year Eiichi announced he was going to take my portrait with some expired 8×10 Ektachrome using some crazy 178mm Aero Ectar lens from 1945………

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Uchujin 2014 review


Crikey, are we here already? another year gone by?
It’s been a busy and fulfilling one, work wise one of my best ever.
Deep heartfelt thanks to all the new friends and colleagues I made and thanks to the Friday night crowd (you know who you are) for keeping me relatively sane in the face of all the facepalming maddness.
Let’s take a little look back shall we………… Read more…

Australia 2014 – I want to live in a land down under

Sydney Opera House ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey_2014_11_04

Sydney Opera House (This one for Jon Ellis) ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey 2014

My major take away from my recent trip “down under” was that I’ve gotten so used to the place I live despite my daily contempt for it that it’s hard to see just how much better things could be.
“The grass is always greener!” I hear you cry, but in the case of Sydney it seems to be true. The grass IS greener, the skies ARE bluer.
Australia is not without it’s problems (is anywhere?) but the quality of life in the spacious garden city that is Sydney makes Tokyo feel even more like a prison colony for the criminally perverted and moronically insane than it did before.
I could wax lyrical about all the reasons why – the friendliness, the food, the space (omg the space!), people actually looking where the fuck they are going etc etc, but what would be the point?
Now if the bastards would only give me a visa…………

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Australia 2014 – Street Art in Sydney and Melbourne


"Humans are a bitter volatile waste of time and space" - Melbourne Nov 2014 ©Uchujin-AdrianStorey_2014_11_02

My love of street art is no big secret, so obviously while in Australia I took some photos of the great stuff there.
Here is a small selection for your delectation.

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Uchujin web address on a rainy window – Fun with After Effects


So just a quick little thing I made over the past day playing around watching tutorials on After Effects. Seemed appropriate given Tokyo’s turn to winter in the last day or two.

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2014 Show Reel



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