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Corporate Shoot – Fragrance Laboratory

Corporate Shoot - Fragrance Laboratory

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Green Man Tattoo 2 – Spring

So my second of 4 planned Green Man tattoos is…

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Shinzan Roshi 2015-08-31

Shooting Shinzan Roshi – 80 year old Zen monk and Calligraphy master

This weekend I traveled to Seki in Gifu prefecture to…

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A pair of Hand Poked tattoos by Gary Burns @Tattoo Workshop in Brighton

A few weeks ago when I was back in the…

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“DIVISIONS” An Uchujin & Sean Bonner collaboration

"DIVISIONS" a Uchujin & Sean Bonner collaboration.

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kit overview

Uchujin – Video Production Kit

Someone asked me the other day WTF all the stuff…

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“Strangers” Fashion shoot, website and exhibition

I recently did a fashion shoot for a new Tokyo…

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Ian Thomas Ash and “A2-B-C” – Censorship? Self-censorship?

Ian Thomas Ash and "A2-B-C" - Censorship? Self-censorship?

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Interview on CFYE.com

The lovely people over at CFYE.com (Crack For Your Eyes…

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Kyubei Sushi Jyllands-page1

Kyubei Sushi Photos in Jyllands Posten

At the end of last year I worked with the…

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“Twende Berlin” Documentary – Watch in Full

"Twende Berlin" Documentary - Watch in Full

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eiichi-expired ectachrome-me1-M6426

8×10 Expired Ektachrome portraits by Eiichi “Scart” Miyamoto

8x10 Expired Ektachrome portraits of me by Eiichi "Scart" Miyamoto

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Uchujin 2014 review

Crikey, are we here already? another year gone by?

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Australia 2014 – I want to live in a land down under

I want to live in a land down under

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Australia 2014 – Street Art in Sydney and Melbourne

My love of street art is no big secret, so…

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Uchujin web address on a rainy window – Fun with After Effects

So just a quick little thing I made over the…

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2014 Show Reel

My 2014 Show reel

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Paragliding with Keiko Hiraki – Womens World Champion Paraglider

I was lucky enough to do a tandem paragliding flight…

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(Don’t call it a… ) Drone adventures Pt.2

Pt.2 of my continuing adventures with aerial filming in which…

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selfie from wltoys v303 with GoPro3

(Don’t call it a… ) Drone adventures Pt.1

I've spent the last 6 weeks or so using all…

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Cross My Heart Hope To Die – Vita E Morte Exhibition at Subliminal Projects LA

Cross My Heart Hope To Die - Vita E Morte…

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2014-05-22 18.30.00

“Deciphering Japan” – Ian Thomas Ash & Adrian Storey at Tokyo University Of the Arts – Jun10th 2014

On June 10th Ian Thomas Ash and I will be…

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“Safecast bGeigie How to” with your host Sean Bonner

My video for Safecast.org on how to use a bGeigie.

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“281 Anti_nuke” at East Asian Video Frames : Tokyo – Pori Art Museum, Finland 13th June – 14th September 2014

My "281_Anti nuke" documentary will screen at the Pori Art…

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Kickstarter video for Shoot Tokyo : The Book – Updated funded in 10 hours!

I recently was asked to make a kickstarter video for…

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